Movies, Books, and Speakers Oh My!

Education is an important part of what we do through our giving circles. The more we understand our cause, the better we can direct our donations to the charities and the programs addressing the root causes, so that fewer people and animals ever have to suffer. We want to solve problems at their roots, so [...]

You Can Help Us Choose

Every three months, Change Gangs: Virtual Giving Circles donates our pooled donations to charities. We love that we each give only $25, but together we donate THOUSANDS! And we’re not content to donate, cross our fingers, and hope our donation makes a difference. Nope, these charities have been thoroughly researched and the members receive the [...]

Giving 2.0 Review

Last week, I was honored to have a mention in an article at the Stanford Social Innovation Review. In this article, The Disruption for Good, the author looks at how “rapid advances in technology are changing philanthropy in fundamental ways—making it potentially more rational, effective, collaborative, transparent, and democratic.” We are mentioned as one of [...]

Do You Know A Great Charity?

We have money to give, and we’re on the look out for exceptional charities. Our nomination period is officially open, and for the next month, we will identify possible candidates. Can you help us? Pet Charities Let me know about a great pet charity by going to this link: Poverty Busting Charities I’d love [...]

The Year in Review: 2014’s Donations

It’s been a wonderful year here. And it was made possible by YOU– our members! It’s your commitment to putting your money where your heart is. It’s your willingness to walk the walk. Your $25/month is making a big impact, because TOGETHER we choose great charities implementing great programs. Please note: If you are not [...]

How to Survive Holiday Giving!

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when I said to my spouse, “We’ve done too much again, just look at this house. But we haven’t done enough this year to care for those for whom Santa Clause will not be there. Our children are nestled all snug in their beds, But what of those kids with [...]

And the Charities Are….

Every three months, we research a bunch of charities and then choose which one we are going to donate to. Here are short descriptions on the charities we chose last month. Please note, our giving goals and values may be different than yours. You should always conduct your own analysis before donating to a charity. [...]

Our June Donations

Last week, we completed our quarterly voting, and below you’ll find the charities the giving circle’s chose. If you like to donate to cause you care about but feel like your donation is too small to make a difference, don’t have time to research a charity before you donate, and wonder if your donation makes [...]