How to Survive Holiday Giving!

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when I said to my spouse, “We’ve done too much again, just look at this house. But we haven’t done enough this year to care for those for whom Santa Clause will not be there. Our children are nestled all snug in their beds, But what of those kids with [...]

Ebola, Doctors Without Borders, and An Emergency Donation

Is there ever a good time for an emergency? No way! That’s why we set aside $25 every month into an Emergency Relief Fund so that we can make a donation to help people going through a crisis. We are prepared to help out in an emergency! Last year, we donated to help the Philippines [...]

And the Charities Are….

Every three months, we research a bunch of charities and then choose which one we are going to donate to. Here are short descriptions on the charities we chose last month. Please note, our giving goals and values may be different than yours. You should always conduct your own analysis before donating to a charity. [...]

Our June Donations

Last week, we completed our quarterly voting, and below you’ll find the charities the giving circle’s chose. If you like to donate to cause you care about but feel like your donation is too small to make a difference, don’t have time to research a charity before you donate, and wonder if your donation makes [...]

Giving Challenge: Support Education

“Education is the Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change the World.” – Nelson Mandela Welcome to Month 5 of the 12 Month Giving Challenge, and this month, we’ll turn our attention to education, because it is one of the most important ingredients required to create a better world. Education impacts every aspect [...]

Happy Mother’s Day

8 months ago we wondered what was going on with mom. Her forgetfulness had surpassed the normal “senior” moments, and she had started repeating herself in the same conversation. We knew she needed to get checked out, but unfortunately, she was in Italy for a several month trip. What to do? We decided, that we [...]

It’s Official! We’re a 501c(3)

Late in 2013, Change Gangs Virtual Giving Circles was officially recognized as a 501c(3) organization! That means effective January 1, 2014, all contributions to your giving circles are tax deductible! Of course, we don’t give just for the tax deduction. We give because we want the world to be a better place. We give because [...]

Pretty Cool! Grant = TV Tour

WOW! I just received a $1,000 grant from the Pollination Project. The Pollination Project wants to change the world by awarding $1,000 seed grants to people they believe are making the world a better place. They focus on individuals just starting out or small projects where a $1,000 will make a big impact. Well, $1,000 [...]

Earth Day Challenge

I’m here with the next installment of our 12 Month Giving Challenge. I designed this challenge to intentionally to touch on many different areas. This world is a vibrant tapestry composed of countless individual threads representing the billions of people, animals, environments, and interests on this planet. Each thread is crucial to the tapestry’s integrity [...]

How Are Your New Year’s Resolution Going?

Time flies! Can you believe that March is over??? That means that 25% of 2014 is behind us! This is a great time to check back in on your New Year’s Resolutions. Did you make a goal to give back more this year? If so, you’re a lot like me. I know that I have [...]